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Foolish enough to volunteer for the job; smart enough to enjoy it through the hard work and stress.

Scottish, but living in Sweden.
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The Retreat’s approach that it produces output entirely dependent on the unique, self-organising interaction of its attendees and the experiences and ideas we bring. It will be a true conference in that sense.

A critical success factor in this will be the degree to which we can generate a sense of Ba.

Remembering what we learned about Ba:

We, the work, and the knowledge are all one

  • Dynamic interaction of individuals and organization in the form of a self-organizing team, the fuel of “ba” is its self-organizing nature
  • Team members create new points of view and resolve contradictions through dialogue
  • “Ba” is energized with intentions, vision, interest, and mission
  • Leaders provide autonomy, variety, trust, and commitment
  • Creative chaos via demanding performance goals
  • The team is challenged to question every norm of development
  • Equal access to information at all levels is critical

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—Takeuchi and Nonaka. 2004

What will you do to develop Ba?