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I love this video from the SAFe PO course, and it has some useful lessons for the Retreat.

In particular

  • Great ideas come from the collision between smaller hunches so they become something bigger than themselves
  • Ideas need time to incubate
  • Half formed hunches need to collide with other hunches
  • They need hunches formed in someone else’s mind
  • Spaces such as the Viennese coffee house or the Paris salon were such engines of creativity because they allowed ideas to mingle and swap to create new forms
  • The great engine of creativity has been the historic increase in the ability to reach out and exchange ideas with other people

So that’s what we’re trying to do with the Retreat: create a creative space where hunches can come and collide; to mingle and swap to create new ideas.

What’s implicit is that it’s serendipitous. There has to be noise in the system, and the unexpected. So while there is planning, there will also be a bit of chaos monkey to drive the innovation just a little harder. If it feels a little chaotic at times, then we’re succeeding.