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SAI Vision, Presented by Chris James

SAI Vision, Presented by Chris James

Key Messages

  • SAI Leadership team has expanded, with recent recruits from Rally (Chris James) and Scrum Alliance (Carol McEwan)
  • Growth Model based on leveraging free access to the framework, via SPC members in partners and large enterprises to deliver courseware, certification & tailored process. IP expands core framework into licensed courseware.
  • Framework continues to evolve based on analysis of field experience, case studies & feedback from practitioner community.
  • SAFe market has crossed the chasm & is emerging as the established practice for Lean/Agile at scale. Is in 50% of US Fortune 100 companies, and growing globally: 10% of Global 500 companies.
  • 2015 forecast: 56 SPC classes, 800+ Leading SAFe, 100+ SAFe ScrumXP
  • Currently there are 14k+ certified practitioners, with exponential growth.
  • Customer feedback is that “Early Majority” pragmatists want a whole solution that works without having to be assembled and right away enhances their productivity
  • SAI aims for SAFe ecosystem to be a Whole Product Solution for Transformation, which will include expert consultants to adapt for context
  • Case studies continue to be added: most recently Nordea
  • We would appreciate input on:
    1. What works best in communicating new course versions?
    2. How can we support Partners? What’s missing from current program?
    3. Introducing SAFe PDUs as part of the Membership Value and Renewal
    4. Membership Value – SAFe Learning Center
    5. SAFe Certification Conventions SAFe 4 SPC
    6. Renewing Membership – upgrading
      3 to 4 to 5
    7. How can we help you launch more ARTs
    8. Use of video for remote SAFe learning, version upgrade training
    9. Feedback on the SAFe Fellow Program