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Foolish enough to volunteer for the job; smart enough to enjoy it through the hard work and stress.

Scottish, but living in Sweden.
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Photos of Tuesday’s Graphic Recording will go here.


Attendees sit round a high table. Sign on the back wall: The Grizzly Paw.

Community Dinner at The Grizzly Paw Bar & Restaurant, Canmore

It’s long been my experience that communities that form before an event are far more effective. We learn about each other and start to form relationships that inform the event.

In this spirit, we gathered in the Grizzly Paw Restaurant in Canmore for food and friendship on the night before the Community.

Morning Session: Learning Games

Many of us use games in our workshops to bring energy, experientially teach, build an environment of trust and spawn reflection.

Afternoon Session

Having initiated our group dynamic, we got down to some real preparatory thinking, using a collaboration technique called “Hello Questions” (citation needed)

Reflection and Outcome


I very much appreciate Mark Richards and Em Campbell-Pretty for facilitating the day for what was probably the toughest crowd imaginable: opinionated Lean/Agile coaches and practitioners.

I also appreciate Eric Willeke for self-diagnosing as someone who tends to over-vocalise in group settings and working with those others in our community who do the same to self-regulate: de-optimising at the individual level but greatly optimising at the community level. The entire retreat was better for this.