Forming Our Community: Hello Questions

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Foolish enough to volunteer for the job; smart enough to enjoy it through the hard work and stress.

Scottish, but living in Sweden.
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Our major work on Community Day was to set the stage: to understand how we as a community wanted to organise ourselves. To do this, and facilitated by Mark Richards, we used the collaborative technique of Hello Questions.

We split into 5 groups, each with a topic in the form of question. Members of each group asked that question of everyone else, then collated the answers.

A: What was your motivation for coming to SAFeLR (Primary & Secondary)

B: What does SAFe Community mean to you?

C: What would need to happen in the next two days for you to want to come back next year?

D: How do we enable diversity in the SAFe community?

E: What differentiates this community from the SAI community?