Glen Hudson Glen Hudson

I am the leader for test automation at MasterCard. My roles cover the automation framework, governance and best practices to ensure quality products are released to our customers. The goal is to tie in test automation practices into the SAFe framework we are laying at my company. In order to do this I need an intimate look into the foundations of SAFe to ensure we are in compliance with one another.

I have been in the IT field for roughly 22 years and have spanned a number of roles. I started out in the United States Air Force as a computer programmer. Most of my development years (14 years total) was spent as a client/server developer. Over time I drifted more towards support to better understand the impacts of software development and finally drifted into test automation. I have a passion for improving software quality and ensure customer needs are met.

The biggest thing I am looking to gain from this retreat is seeing how others have integrated SAFe within their companies. It is one thing to learn the SAFe philosophies, but it’s another to successfully implement it with all the cultural differences that large organizations face. I am keen on learning some valuable feedback regarding challenges faced by other companies as well as worked and didn’t work for them to ensure success.

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