Nick McKenna Nick McKenna

Back in March 2004, Nick had a vision to create a software company who built high quality, professional, value delivering systems. He was inspired by everything that he was learning from the (back then) revolutionary Agile approaches to software development and felt that these principles would make for the foundations of a great company. So, on 22nd March 2004, McKenna Consultants was born in Harrogate, UK. Fast forward 10 years and McKenna Consultants has grown into everything and more that Nick’s vision was. Not only do McKenna Consultants produce the highest quality, professional and value adding software that is possible, McKenna Consultants are also a leading provider of Agile Coaching, Mentoring and Training to other software development teams and companies.

Nick has always had a passion for computer programming. From when he wrote his first program as a 9 year old, to the first time he watched Tron, Nick knew this was what he wanted to do. Before starting McKenna Consultants, Nick has successfully occupied numerous roles in the industry from making computer games, developing the first bespoke eProcurement supplier solution, being a software development manager to being a contractor.

Nick is a CEO, Computer Programmer, Agile Coach, Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) Program Consultant, Management 3.0 Licensed Facilitator, ScrumMaster, Scrum Professional and Certified Enterprise Coach. All of this experience, plus that of running his own successful business, has enabled Nick to empower his staff, and give McKenna Consultants the vision, leadership and continuous improvement that sets it out from the rest.

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